Maximum analysis flexibility with high speed wavelength scanning across the UV and visible spectrum
The Hach DR 5000 UV-Vis Laboratory Spectrophotometer can test for all of the parameters listed on page 3. All of the chemistries and supplies needed for these tests are available from Hach.
Easily Add New Analytical Methods
As Hach releases new test methods and chemistries, the DR 5000 spectrophotometer can easily be updated via a USB memory stick.
Stability and Accuracy
The design of the DR 5000 spectrophotometer ensures measurements are accurate, precise, and stable over time, resulting in repeatable results.
Multiple Cell Sizes and Delivery Methods
A single multi-cell adapter for the DR 5000 spectrophotometer holds the five most common sample cell types, including 5 cm path length cells. Moreover, the optional Pour-Thru™ Cell Module is ideal for Rapid Liquid™ methods.
Large Touch Screen Display and Interface
The touch screen display of the DR 5000 spectrophotometer is intuitive to use and ergonomic in design.

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