HPL stands for High Power Laser and characterises the new equipment for lasertherapy, which are provided with the new high power infrared diodes with a great depth of action. In order to activate the natural repairing processes it’s advisable to involve the different cells with an energy density able to cause a biological effect. The power diodes in the infrared field, used for the HPL, assure such a depth of action and power to involve the different cells and activate repairing, analgesic and anti-inflammatory processes.

             One of the most important effects of laser light consists in favouring and accelerating the transformation from ADP to ATP. The stimulation of the endoplasmatic reticulum made by laser light allows increasing protein synthesis and also the synthesis of collagen, which is needed into the general repairing processes.

             The suitable parameters for treatment can easily be obtained: when the therapeutic target is established, the operator can act indifferently on application time or energy density, deciding at the same time to keep unchanged one and modify the other. The computerised system computes automatically the missing parameter in connection with the delimited scanning area.

             The emission mode is both continuous and pulsed. In continuous mode the power of laser is always the highest and it is suitable for treating wide areas of the body, for which it is necessary to deliver a high energy density in relatively short times. The pulsed emission instead is used to avoid an early saturation to laser energy of the treated part. The HPL scanning plane has an automatic rotation system from +90° up to -45°, and allows treatment in a seated, upright of lying position.

             The settting of the parameters and the scanning area can also be carried out by a wireless remote control. Two large and clear LCDs are available: one on the front panel and one on the backside.


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