The ARC 303 HF generator provides the most up-to-date technology and technical innovations.

The unit settings are already pre-programmed for numerous applications. The software can be updated and upgraded. Extremely fast processors ensure that the ARC CONTROL is optimally integrated, while self-check programs continuously provide maximum safety. The two outputs are easy to control and enable the most important accessories to be connected. The user can take in all settings at a glance.

the ARC CONTROL regulator adjusts the power output to the necessary minimum for tissue variations and changes in cutting area or speed in every case.

the EASY electrode application system monitors the neutral electrode connected to the patient and signals any change in resistance to the user.

the continuous self-test program monitors all safety-related parameters several hundred times a second and signals any faults.

various accessories can be connected to the two monopolar and the bipolar output. Using an adapter. As an option, the unit can also be used for Argon Plasma coagulation.

many of the 100 locations for storing programs are already pre-programmed. Programs can be shown and hidden as well as named individually. All the main settings / information can be displayed in different languages.

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