Medical Monitoring Devices

Dräger offers monitoring devices for a wide range of applications: be it for intraoperative anesthesia, critically injured or sick patients in intensive care, examinations with sedation or for other cases requiring continuous monitoring.

Infinity monitoring system

Consistent monitoring ensures optimum safety for the patient. Dräger offers a mobile patient monitor which can be used anywhere in the entire hospital – even during transportation. This approach provides the benefits of standardization, without compromising patient care or staff needs, while providing mobility to patients and personnel as well.

Central applications and systems

Dräger offers various solutions for centralized real-time management of non-ambulatory and telemetry patients. This allows retrieval of detailed patient data via the network. Increase your workflow efficiency through central data validation and modern web-based applications.

IT solutions

Dräger simplifies the implementation of cable-based and wireless patient monitoring – making it more cost-effective. Universal 24/7 access to all data relevant for therapy, documentation and surgery scheduling can support decision-making throughout the entire care process.

Medical screening device

Obtaining reliable indications of possible drug and alcohol consumption is vital, especially for unresponsive patients. Dräger units provide rapid and accurate diagnostic confirmation while remaining non-invasive.

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