HITACHI, General X Ray, Radnext 32/50

Combination of a high-precision and high-performance inverter type X-ray high voltage generator has realized accurate control and multiple functions. With a light and easy-to-see large LCD color touch panel adopted in the control console, X-ray parameters setting as well as region setting by anatomical program can be made easily.
• Constant frequency high voltage inverter generator
• Programmable brake system˜to pre-store FDD
• Auto-tracking* for better workflow
• Center-stop function ˜for faster alignment with bucky devices
• Automatic SID measurement˜
• Automatic collimation˜
• Up to 960 parameter programs^
• Touch screen control console^
• NDD (Numerical Dose Determination) for skin surface entrance dose as standard
• Digital solution with flat panel detector*

Flexible and 'patient friendly'

ECLOS is the latest edition to Hitachi's CT range. Its high degree of flexibility enables you to have it configured or upgraded from 4 to 8 to 16 slices. The adaptable design allows you to choose the X-ray tube size according to your requirements.
This cross-sectional imaging device is easy to operate, patient friendly and has low-dose imaging, using advanced filter technology. The automatic positioning system guarantees a smooth workflow.
• Number of slices: scales from 4 to 16
• X-ray tube: 3.5 to 5.0 MHU
• Generator 48kW
• Minimum scan time 0.8 sec
• Maximum field of view 500mm
• Sub-second, real-time image reconstruction

HITACHI, SCENARIA 64 multi-slice

The SCENARIA is Hitachi's new 64 multi-slice CT system which paves the way for the future. SCENARIA is a whole body scanner with a 0.35-second rotation speed which reduces dosage and speeds up workflow, while maintaining excellent diagnostic imagery.
The 750mm aperture maximises patients' comfort, reduces anxiety and stress, and enables effortless examinations.
• Minimum scan time: 0.35 sec whole body scanning
• Maximum field of view: 500mm
• 2880 view/sec high-speed data acquisition
• Gantry aperture of 75cm
• Number of slices: 64
• X-ray tube: 7.5 MHU
• Generator: 72k
• Dose reduction achieved by lateral table movement, bow-tie filter, Automatic Exposure Control (Intelli EC) and Interactive Processing (Intelli IP)
• 16cm lateral table movement for dose reduction and increased patient comfort
• Automatic patient positioning (head/body mode)
• Breath demo light for patient preparation
• Touch vision panel system, allowing scan guidance in 10 languages as well as paediatric assistance
• Straight forward patient registration and easy system handling
• Preventive examination supported by fatPointer or riskPointer
• Integrated image viewing station
• Coronary analysis and calcium scoring


Echelon (1.5T) is a fully featured high-field performance MRI, incorporating powerful imaging tools to meet current and future demands. Its core is a high- performance, short-bore, super-conductive magnet with high homogeneity and integrated shim coil. Echelon is extremely practical, reliable and easy to use. This is a prime example of a product which has benefited from Hitachi's experience and technological superiority, gained as a global leader in MRI.
• 1.5 Tesla high-field MRI
• Short-bore, super-conductive magnet
• High homogeneity
• Zero-boil-off technology
• 34mT/m 150T/m/s gradients
• Scalable RF systems up to 16 channels
• Integrated multiple coil connectors
• Feed first examinations for all body regions

Prime open MRI

The APERTO Lucent (0.4T) is the new, elegant open-sided mid-field MRI which gives high-field application clarity. By applying advanced Hitachi technologies APERTO Lucent enables accurate diagnosis using the highest image quality. With its single pillar design the APERTO Lucent uses open space ergonomics to offer extraordinary comfort to the patient while also making examinations completely effortless.
• 0.4 T field strength
• One-pillar design
• All around view
• 25mT/m 55T/m/s gradients
• Super Shim technology for spectral fat saturation
• Fully motorised patient table (up to 225 kg load capacity)
• Lateral table movement ±150 mm

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