The HI VISION Ascendus offers high definition imaging, advanced technological functionality and optimised ergonomics in one all-inclusive package. With its completely new front-end electronics, the HI VISION Ascendus provides the the highest definition image quality. The image processing unit is driven by the Ultrasound Broadband Engine 2nd Generation (Ultra BE II) - which greatly increases the processing speed - facilitating the development of sophisticated image processing and new application functionality. Through the combination of Ultra BE II and highly sensitive, high-bandwidth transducers, Hitachi achieves images of precision and clarity. The platform features the award-winning ergonomic design that incorporates the unique flexible one-action adjustment the liquid crystal display (LCD) monitor with the operator console to comfortably accommodate all operator and patient position combinations. The large-screen LCD monitor also features a Smart Touch panel, which gives the operator freedom to control the system without the need to look away from the ultrasound images. Offering compatibility with Hitachi's versatile range of transducers, the HI VISION Ascendus maximises transducer performance to cover every clinical need, from the new high frequency EUP-L75 superficial transducer, to the EUP-B715 dedicated abdominal biopsy transducer, with a 'through crystal' biopsy needle channel.. All reach new levels of sensitivity and resolution with the HI VISION Ascendus. The HI VISION Ascendus offers a unique combination of interventional tools: fusion imaging with Hitachi Real-time Virtual Sonography (HI-RVS) and Real-time Bi-Plane imaging (RTBi) facilitate safe and accurate image guided procedures; dedicated biopsy, intra-operative and laparoscopic transducers support diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

High image quality functions are compactly housed.

HI VISION, Avius, Real-time Tissue Elastgraphy, Fine Flow, HdTHI, HI REZ, M mode Navigation are registered trademarks or trademarks of Hitachi Medical Corporation in Japan and/or other countries. "Pure Image" realized by Ultra BE (Ultrasound Broadband Engine) developed by Hitachi using its advanced technologies. The system architecture (front-end and back-end) and probes are all renewed to enable higher definition images than ever before. Versatile applications support your examinations and diagnosis. Slim design is materialized based on the needs at the clinical sites. These are Smart Applications intended for performing examinations speedily and accurately.


The platform architecture of the HI VISION Preirus has been designed to meet the needs of the next generation.
Incorporating the latest broadband beamforming technology combined with ultra high speed image processing it delivers state-of-the-art ultrasound capability to give you improved examination value - patients and professionals benefit from enhanced diagnostic confidence and increased therapeutic potential.
The unique ergonomic design gives maximum comfort in diagnosis whether you are standing or sitting, performing a routine examination or complex interventional procedure. A Smart Touch graphic user interface integrates the system's operator controls on the LCD for intuitive scan parameter adjustment without having to reduce your concentration on the diagnostic image. The PSS (Patient Specific Selector) allows you to customise and save for later recall, optimised application and patient specific scan parameters for high quality images for every patient, every time.
Advanced Imaging Technologies achieve new levels of performance with the HI VISION Preirus platform. The ultra high speed image processing enhances the performance of established image quality improvement technologies, such as HI VISION Imaging and Coded Imaging. Increased levels of diagnostic confidence and new potential are gained from Hitachi's advanced imaging modalities: Fine Flow, a new Doppler modality that displays flow at high frame rates with a spatial resolution normally reserved for B-mode imaging; Hitachi Real-time Tissue Elastography (HI-RTE); Hitachi Real-time Virtual Sonography (HI-RVS); and dynamic Contrast Harmonic Imaging (dCHI) .
A new system of Patient Data Management uses intelligent software solutions and universal connectivity for entering, storing, sorting and accessing patient records quickly and easily to maximise patient throughput whilst minimising operator effort.
Further, compatibility is maintained with the diverse range of Hitachi transducers whilst introducing the improved stability and energy efficiency from single crystal technology.

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