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The Quality and Performance you Expect from QUANTEL MEDICAL in a Compact, Efficient, Accurate Ophtalmic Ultrasound System.

Compact Touch B-scan with optional Biometry and Pachymetry has been designed to provide a new standard in the world of compact and portable ophthalmic ultrasound systems.
-No pc required
-Touch screen
-Carrying case included
-Compact and portable: only 4.2kg (9.4Ibs)
-Easy data transfer to EMR/Network: 2 USB and 1 ethernet ports

The Image Quality you need for a Confident Diagnosis.
The unparalleled quality of the QUANTEL MEDICAL B-Scan allows better visualization of details, improving your ability to differentiate structures and pathologies.
-Automatic video recording with Cineloop
-Adjustable gain on frozen pictures with Varigain
-Post processing tools: calipers, areas, markers, comments
-User-friendly software with unlimited data base

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