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1064 nm Nd:YAG photodisruptor laser

OPTIMIS II is a laser dedicated to the treatment of two specific pathologies: Acute closed-angle glaucoma, and secondary cataract.
This simple-to-use laser can be used for the following treatments :

• Iridotomy for cases of acute angle closure glaucoma
• Capsulotomy for cases of secondary cataract

This laser has a "mechanical" effect on tissues referred to as photodisruption
• Technology Nd:YAG Q-switched laser 1064 nm wavelength

Power: The laser has a continuous power reserve for precision-cutting any type of structure:
o 2-3 pulse burst mode
o 10 KHz shot rate
o Energy adjustable up to 10 Mj

Performance: Optimis II can be used for photodisruption of the densest membranes at the lowest energy output The perfect combination:
o Constant pulse duration of 4 nanoseconds
o 10 µm spot diameter
o Minimum energy from 0.5 mJ

High-precision: Treatments are performed in total safety.

o Dual-aiming beam for fast, accurate focusing on the capsule's focal plane
o Impact point offset by 30 to 200 µm behind the focal plane

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