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Minimally invasive technologies are opening up new opportunities in neurosurgery, especially in the diagnosis and therapy of intracranial defects.
Depending on the requirements of the operation, either rigid or flexible endoscopes are used in intracranial surgery. With endoscopes of differing viewing angles of 0°, 30°, 70° an 120°, the neurosurgeon can see into the brain to an extent that was not previously possible with a microscope and can carry out more extensive surgery.
Indications for the use of the neuroendoscope in neurosurgery are as follows:
o Occlusive hydrocephalus (ventriculostomy)
o Intraventricular processes (e.g. tumors and cysts)
o Arachnoidal cysts and cystic cerebral tumors
o Intraventricular hemorrhages and other intraventricular interventions
o Endoscopically assisted neurosurgery (base of the skull)
o Transnasal transsphenoidal pituitary gland surgery


Hysteroscopy in the diagnosis and therapy of intrauterine disorders is now standard procedure in clinics and, to an increasing extent, in private practices. Thanks to the miniaturization of the operating instruments, conventional invasive surgery can be performed more efficiently and with a minimum of trauma. KARL STORZ has played a major role in this development and offers hysteroscopes, amnioscopes and fetoscopes of various diameters for diagnosis and surgery.
Along with "classic" gynecological endoscopes, the product range of KARL STORZ also includes endoscopes and other instruments for new methods such as transvaginal endoscopy (TVE) and falloposcopy. Increasing significance is also being attached to the field of pelvic surgery. The laparoscopic enucleation of myomas and supracervical hysterectomy using the Morcellator are now as firmly established as are standard laparoscopic applications.

Ear, Nose, Throat

At KARL STORZ the otorhinolaryngology branch of medicine, a broad field rich in tradition, comprises rigid endoscopes spanning the entire spectrum of lengths, diameters and directions of view, flexible fiberscopes and close on 6,000 different instruments. We also offer, among other things, an extensive product range for skull base surgery, pituitary gland surgery and otoneurosurgery, which likewise includes a large number of flexible and rigid endoscopes as well as instruments for advanced operating techniques in this field.
From basic equipment for the ENT practice through complete sets of endoscopic and surgical instruments up to the high-technology system for video-assisted endoscopy and autofluorescence, the medical practitioner is now provided with an entire range of endoscopes and instruments from one manufacturer. These perfectly matched endoscopes, instruments and appliances are of unsurpassed quality.

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